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This past Saturday was Groundhog Day in the US. What does that have to do with lawyer business development?

In the 1993 comedy, Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s character awakens each morning to repeat the previous day. Many lawyers create pretty much the same experience with their biz dev coaches.

They fail to get the maximum value out of coaching, or waste it outright by not being fully committed and engaged, instead merely going through the motions every week.

How can you tell if you’re doing that?

Groundhog Day indicators

Here’s the lawyer’s biz dev version of Groundhog Day. Week after week,

  • You report or discuss the same suspects and prospects

  • Your pipeline remains largely unchanged

  • You haven’t sent the emails, or made the calls, or completed the steps that were in your plan

  • Have few or no new people in your network

  • Haven’t written a new blog post, or posted anything to social media

  • You talk about how busy you’ve been with billable work

  • You make the same promises

  • You seek remedial advice about unsuccessful actions you took without seeking coaching beforehand

These are the canaries in your BD coal mine, alerting you to the toxic risk these habits pose for your book of business.

Mike O’Horo