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Get paid faster: show progress vs. budget

Collecting your fee is an integral part of sales. In the commercial world, every salesperson lives by the dictum, “The sale isn’t complete until the last dollar is collected.” Lawyers are much more lax about this, and it costs them. Here's a simple way to speed things up.

Market Change Requires Change in Lawyer Thinking

Law firms are paying more attention to, and investing more money in, business development, but many lawyers still aren't sure why all this is happening and why they should do things differently. The answer: The legal service market has undergone a basic and permanent economic shift from a demand market to a supply market.

Who wants you to win?

If no one within the prospect organization actively wants you to win, you won't. It's that simple. 

"Win" does not mean "compete." Many buyers are willing to let you compete. They call it due diligence, with you spending your time and money filling out a field of putative competitors. Here's how to deal with that.