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It's that holiday time of year...

Within the next week or so, most of you will see your business socializing schedule ramp up and continue through the holiday season. Receptions and holiday parties hosted by your firm, clients and other business contacts. Many of you recognize it as an opportunity to meet and reconnect with lots of new people. Here's how to make it enjoyable and effective.

What's the true cost of traditional networking?

By “relationships,” most people mean “personal relationships,” which really means “friendships.” According to the common wisdom, you’re supposed to go to networking events, meet people, and initiate a personal relationship with them. OK. Let’s say you do just that. Then what? You'll be surprised at the staggering cost of this approach.

Corporate Counsel Positive/Negative Behavior Poll

While outside lawyers relish the opportunity to meet corporate counsel, they don't know how to start a conversation and steer it to their capabilities. (First, forget about the steering part; nobody wants to talk about your capabilities.) Getting started can be easier if you explore counsel's preferences in lawyer practice behavior. Here's how.