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“Pocket Lint”

Every three months you go through your paper and electronic "pockets." You'll find notes, phone numbers, etc. Ask yourself, "If this was the most important thing in the world right now, what would I be doing about it?" This question forces you to assign an action verb to the item, which is how you'll get something done.

Relevant, Useful, Valuable, Indispensable: "Relevant"

For many senior lawyers, the Holy Grail of law practice is to become regarded as indispensable to clients. These lawyers are the first ones called when a client must make an important decision or deal with a serious problem. The "indispensable advisor" status is at the top of a ladder that consists of four escalating degrees of stature, based on your increasing impact.

The "how" of focus

Everybody is telling lawyers that their business development effort requires focus, but far less is offered about how to do that. Here's the "how."

Corporate Counsel Positive/Negative Behavior Poll

While outside lawyers relish the opportunity to meet corporate counsel, they don't know how to start a conversation and steer it to their capabilities. (First, forget about the steering part; nobody wants to talk about your capabilities.) Getting started can be easier if you explore counsel's preferences in lawyer practice behavior. Here's how.

Do We Want This Client?

What if you're lucky enough to be in a hot market, such as cybersecurity, or certain parts of IP? You may be in the enviable position of not being able to take on any more work. Should you pay any attention to marketing? The answer is, "Yes, but not the same way most lawyers view it."