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Sales: Getting Chosen

Shared Qualities of Top Sellers

Selling is a learned skill, which means anyone can become good at it if they commit to it. Like any other skill, some will have more difficulty than others learning it, but anyone can learn. Cultivating these traits and mindsets will accelerate your learning curve and raise the ceiling on how good you can become.

"Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two." Not anymore.

Seemingly forever, the "pick two out of three" mantra was the accepted norm. Not anymore. Since the 2008 recession, clients want it all, and they're getting it. Here's how to make it possible for them to get it from you.

What does the pace of law firm mergers mean for BD?

The record pace of law firm mergers and acquisitions are definitive proof of the maturation of the law business. In a mature market, nothing that worked in a growth market will work. That means law firms have no choice but to embark on radical changes, beginning with the Sales function.

You listen, but do you hear?

A recent study found that 74% of purchasers surveyed at companies nationwide said they would be "much more likely" to buy from a salesperson if the seller would simply listen to the prospect.

Imagine that. Simply by listening, we can raise the odds that almost three quarters of prospects would be more likely to buy. Listening, though, isn't the same as hearing. Here's how to listen and hear.

The biggest marketing/sales obstacle lawyers face

The biggest marketing and sales obstacle lawyers face is unconscious incompetence. It means you don't know what you don't know. That's one of the four stages of competence. This matters because one characteristic of that stage is overconfidence about your innate ability to generate business, based on ignorance of what it actually takes to generate business. If you want to learn a new skill, get some professional help.

Understanding buyers' decision-making

At the heart of every sale lies a decision. Learn how and why your prospects make decisions, and you're well on your way to finding out how to sell to them. To help them choose you, you need to understand the different ways people make decisions and the thinking behind them.  Research has revealed these nine types of decisions.