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What does the pace of law firm mergers mean for BD?

The record pace of law firm mergers and acquisitions are definitive proof of the maturation of the law business. In a mature market, nothing that worked in a growth market will work. That means law firms have no choice but to embark on radical changes, beginning with the Sales function.

Match your ideas to the times

Last week I urged you to become a generator of valuable ideas as a way to earn greater access to clients and prospects. All ideas, however, are not created equal. So, which of your great ideas are most likely welcome now?

The “Idea Drug”

Our goal should be to get our most important clients and prospects addicted to our ideas. Every day, each of us competes for the scarce professional time and attention of our internal and external clients and prospects. Here's what we know about this competition, and what we can do to win at it.