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Who’s on Third? Your Team?

Throughout the Summer, we see lots of highlights of individual baseball stars performing amazing feats on the field. But as we begin the playoffs, we're reminded that the best team wins the championship, and that means getting contributions from everyone on the team.

Let's examine the team that supports your clients. What value does each teammate bring to your business development efforts?

Your practice's "Executive Threshold"

At what point do the basic skills that have enabled you to be a successful lawyer become counterproductive? By this we refer to your “practitioner” skills, i.e., all the things you do to apply your technical legal skill to a client’s matter. Above a certain size practice, you need to begin the process of evolving consciously from a practitioner to an executive. Here's how.

Not-To-Do #13: Do-it-yourself, or work alone

When it comes to getting, keeping, and growing large accounts, the day of the lone-wolf rainmaker has passed, never to return. That worked during the 25-year law boom because everybody was buying legal services. In the buyer's market that will be with you for the rest of your career, you need to ferret out, investigate, and validate potential opportunity continuously. You need more hands on the oars, just to defend and sustain what you already have.