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What does it mean to "be involved" in something?

Being "involved" communicates absolutely nothing. Yet, lawyers' bios are rife with such empty verbs. Your bio may be the first substantive exposure many legal service buyers have to you (aside from whatever the source of a referral said about you). Don't waste the opportunity to make the impression you intend.

Relevant, Useful, Valuable, Indispensable: "Valuable"

Value refers to the relationship between the client's perceptions of worth, utility, or importance of the impact attributable to you, and the amount they paid you to obtain that. It applies equally to prospects and contacts. Value goes beyond dollars, to include their time and attention, calendar space allocated, etc. Here's the key to measuring value .

"Pay yourself first."

Make business development your first priority, instead of an afterthought that gets attention only when everything else feels like it’s under control. How often is everything in your practice under control?

Schedule a half-hour for BD first thing every morning, before you jump into the daily maelstrom of practice demands and the day gets swept away, leaving you mentally spent and regretting that yet another day slipped by without doing anything to generate future business. The key is every morning. Not “most,” or “frequent,” or worse, “occasionally,” but every morning.

Match your ideas to the audience

Last week we suggested ways to match your creativity with the times. The third leg of the positioning and alignment trilogy is making sure your ideas are delivered to different audiences with the correct perspective. To each person, we are what we talk about or write about. Here's how to match them properly.