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How long does it take to become relevant to your clients?

Somehow, it continues to be news that companies want -- and are beginning to require -- their outside law firms to be relevant, i.e., to understand their industry, business, products, and the overall context within which legal advice is formulated and rendered. How long does it take to acquire that perceived relevance. Here’s your answer.

This year, will you be better off, the same, or worse off?

Without clear, measurable goals, every business development investment decision you make is not anchored by anything. You're rudderless, subject to the whim of changing winds. That means your plan is to be extremely lucky; nobody is that lucky. Here's how to replace luck with focus.

Who’s on Third? Your Team?

Throughout the Summer, we see lots of highlights of individual baseball stars performing amazing feats on the field. But as we begin the playoffs, we're reminded that the best team wins the championship, and that means getting contributions from everyone on the team.

Let's examine the team that supports your clients. What value does each teammate bring to your business development efforts?