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Don't be tempted to write a clever lead-generation email

It’s frustrating to send emails trying to prompt people to agree to a conversation with you that might lead to a sales opportunity, only to have them unopened or ignored--not only by strangers or weak connections, but especially if they’re people you’ve previously done business with or have known for a long time.

After enduring enough of this, it can be tempting to try to be clever with your email’s Subject line to induce people to open your email, or to play a little fast and loose with body copy, all in the hopes of getting them on the phone. However, don’t. Just don’t.

Business Development: Step 1 is always “Google it”

Lawyers know they have to stay in contact, or risk missing out on work that a client or prospect is willing to award them, but doesn’t simply because too long a gap between communications has made them forget you. Too many lawyers struggle to generate relevant, welcomed conversation with clients and prospects. Here’s a better way.