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Gaining Access

Only ten weeks from now...

Summer is over. It's time to get back in Prime Time business mode. Ten weeks from today, Wednesday, November 23, the end-of-year clock starts ticking as people traverse the US to be with family and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. That means that you have less than three months to take meaningful steps to reach your annual revenue goal. 

Dream Client? Really? By what criteria?

So, you’ve gotten a meeting with what seems like a dream client. Make sure it isn't just a fantasy, then learn what the prospect would consider the optimal meeting outcome.

Cross-selling & referral trigger

Referral sources must see you as relevant to those they'd refer. Define yourself in terms of the business situations or problems that trigger demand.

Fore! Golf as business development metaphor

There’s one BD skill that everyone can learn. Whether it’s a large team, or a firm of two, the common thread is that lawyers previously considered too introverted to be rainmakers can make a valuable contribution to the overall BD effort..