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Getting Chosen

Why you haven’t been hired

Not getting hired? It’s not for the old-school reasons most lawyers (and others) assume, but for much simpler human reasons that are easier to fix.

Is it a discount? Or the new market price?

Sales trainers have long taught us that “price” actually is code for “value.” Discount requests have always been a signal that your value is perceived as out of line with what you charge. However, when discount requests become the norm, that’s a larger, more ominous signal.

Focus on the right sales data

Discuss the prospect's problem in great depth; prematurely moving to a solution discussion creates barriers to buyers’ engagement.

Top 10 deadly sales sins

Many of lawyers' sales difficulties are within their control, or of their creation. Here are 10 sales habits to drop.

Ready, needful and willing

Identifying business need is the anchor of traditional sales strategy. Now, "readiness" and "willingness" are more important.

Dream Client? Really? By what criteria?

So, you’ve gotten a meeting with what seems like a dream client. Make sure it isn't just a fantasy, then learn what the prospect would consider the optimal meeting outcome.

A primer on questioning

In business development, artful questioning means not only well-crafted questions, but a conversational flow that keeps the prospect focused.

Sales Killers, part 1

What keeps good salespeople from achieving better results has little to do with technique or what you sell. Learn to spot these "sales killers."

Cross-selling simplified

Cross-selling is "selling squared," i.e., to sell anything to the client, first you must sell the relationship partner on granting you access.

Fore! Golf as business development metaphor

There’s one BD skill that everyone can learn. Whether it’s a large team, or a firm of two, the common thread is that lawyers previously considered too introverted to be rainmakers can make a valuable contribution to the overall BD effort..