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It's that holiday time of year...

Within the next week or so, most of you will see your business socializing schedule ramp up and continue through the holiday season. Receptions and holiday parties hosted by your firm, clients and other business contacts. Many of you recognize it as an opportunity to meet and reconnect with lots of new people. Here's how to make it enjoyable and effective.

You listen, but do you hear?

A recent study found that 74% of purchasers surveyed at companies nationwide said they would be "much more likely" to buy from a salesperson if the seller would simply listen to the prospect.

Imagine that. Simply by listening, we can raise the odds that almost three quarters of prospects would be more likely to buy. Listening, though, isn't the same as hearing. Here's how to listen and hear.

How listening goes wrong

Much lawyer business development activity is driven by "selfish listening". This is when you see the “me, me, and more about me” marketing content based on expertise and firm grandeur rather than what prospects are interested in. To be successful, "listening" must equal "hearing."