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Where did I end up? Is that where I meant to go?

What will constitute a successful year of business-getting for you? Will it be whatever it turns out that you happened to get, or have you set a goal that would represent real accomplishment, and put in place a plan to achieve it?

For the 30 years I've been coaching them, lawyers have resisted anything that smells like goal-setting, and, perish the thought, planning. Here’s how to get what you want.

How to develop a marketing communications channel strategy

As you work through your 2019 plan (you have one, right?), you have to balance your time limitations against having a robust distribution network for your thought leadership and positioning messages.

Here’s how to get all this organized so you’ll have greater reach than your schedule would otherwise permit.

"Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

Lawyers detest creating business development plans. They delay and resist as long as possible, and when their firm finally brings down the hammer, too often they create something pro forma that lets them check the required box, but is of little practical use, and never gets looked at again. Here’s why you should view this differently.

No more to-do lists (reading time 5 mins)

The biggest business development obstacle that the lawyers I coach report to me is finding time for it. Too often, our weekly progress calls feature a rehashing of action items from the previous week that weren’t completed due to lack of time. In response, we make To-Do lists. They’re easy. Too easy, and mostly useless. Here’s a better way.

The importance of January 2-4, 2019

Many lawyers see the final two weeks of December as a business development Dead Zone. Prospects and clients are scrambling to meet year-end deadlines, and are distracted by professional- and family obligations related to the holidays. While this reasoning is understandable, the danger of shutting down your BD effort completely is that two dark weeks turns into four, or six, or more. Here's what to do instead.

Dig the well before you're thirsty

Lots of lawyers experience what’s called the “sell/do” cycle. That means that they’re either selling the work, or doing it. While they have it, they focus on billable work exclusively, ignoring marketing and sales entirely. “No time for biz dev. Too busy. Gotta get this work done.” Here’s how to break that cycle and become more consistent.

“Holiday Marketing” vs. Strategic December Business Development

About this time each year, law industry publications are rife with advice about “holiday marketing.” The advice tends to be about gift-giving protocols and using social events to network and create relationships. Here’s a much better way to use the last few weeks of the year.

Make it easy for prospects to recognize that they need you

How do those who buy what you sell recognize that they need you, that you’re relevant to their world and might just know something that would help them and make some part of their professional life better? The easy part is identifying what won’t do that: Legal-service nouns. Here’s a better approach.

This year, will you be better off, the same, or worse off?

Without clear, measurable goals, every business development investment decision you make is not anchored by anything. You're rudderless, subject to the whim of changing winds. That means your plan is to be extremely lucky; nobody is that lucky. Here's how to replace luck with focus.