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You're known, but will you be remembered at the critical time?

There’s nothing more frustrating than learning that a prospect or client who knows you well has hired someone else for work that’s in your sweet spot. Or, you see a conference promotion where others are speaking about a topic about which you’re known to be an acknowledged expert. How does this happen?

The "how" of focus

Everybody is telling lawyers that their business development effort requires focus, but far less is offered about how to do that. Here's the "how."

Dream Client? Really? By what criteria?

So, you’ve gotten a meeting with what seems like a dream client. Make sure it isn't just a fantasy, then learn what the prospect would consider the optimal meeting outcome.

Is this prospect worth pursuing?

Will this prospect be a good client or a bad one? Don't just assess risk; assess reward, too, or you won't be able to decide reliably.