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Why triggering demand for your expertise makes all the difference

Too many lawyers attempt to get on prospects’ calendars to discuss some legal service or another. Without realizing it, they’re asking someone to allocate a portion of a busy day to discuss what, absent any correlation to a business challenge, is irrelevant to that day. This is why it’s hard to get appointments, and why they’re so often rescheduled or cancelled. Here’s a better way.

How long does it take to become relevant to your clients?

Somehow, it continues to be news that companies want -- and are beginning to require -- their outside law firms to be relevant, i.e., to understand their industry, business, products, and the overall context within which legal advice is formulated and rendered. How long does it take to acquire that perceived relevance. Here’s your answer.

Business Development: Step 1 is always “Google it”

Lawyers know they have to stay in contact, or risk missing out on work that a client or prospect is willing to award them, but doesn’t simply because too long a gap between communications has made them forget you. Too many lawyers struggle to generate relevant, welcomed conversation with clients and prospects. Here’s a better way.

The Social Dilemma

During socially-focused periods, we spend more time with family, friends and social acquaintances.  If that includes people with whom we wish to do business, it can raise the Social Dilemma: How do you pursue the opportunities that relaxed conversation often reveals without taking unfair advantage of the friendship or occasion? Here's how.

Relationship sand castles

You can't extend a client relationship to your colleagues that you've not yet established. Resist the urge (or urging by others) to have colleagues accompany you on an initial sales call. Go alone, and apply the investigative discipline that buyers prefer.