world series celebration

Throughout the Summer, we see lots of highlights of individual baseball stars performing amazing feats on the field. But as Fall arrives, and with it the post-season playoffs, we're reminded that the best team enjoys the championship celebrations, and that means getting contributions from everyone on the team.

Let's examine the team that supports your clients. What value does each teammate bring to your business development efforts? 

Such as... 

  • Your administrative assistant can have a relationship with his or her counterparts in your clients' businesses. That relationship can be a great source of inside information about whose star is rising, or falling, and the relationships inside the company. 
  • Your associates can monitor the client's industry and identify additional business problems or opportunities. Do they know what to do with these Door-Openers? Do they understand the client's industry, company and priorities? 
  • Your partners can serve as knowledge experts and help inform the sustainable business conversations that drive the Door-Opener and Cost of Doing Nothing processes.

You can't, however, be all things to all people. Rainmakers alone cannot keep up with their clients' industries. They need help to sustain the kind of business discussions necessary to reveal emerging business needs that require their skills...including, perhaps, their legal skills. 

So, what can you do? How can the people on your team best contribute to business development? 

  • Identify common goals as a team. Goals that enable you to grow predictably by strategic intent rather than serendipity. 
  • Let your teammates tell you how they can help. Everyone wants to make a contribution and each team member has a role that fits their skills and passions. 
  • Hold team meetings so everyone knows what the others are doing and the value they add to the relationship. You'll be surprised how meetings can open up all kinds of opportunities when team members are in sync with one another.

Teams give you more feet on the street. That's something crucial to creating and maintaining sustained business conversations. So, is your team in place, and well informed? If not, what's it going to take to do that? 

Mike O'Horo

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