Dear [registrant],

For the next five days, you’ll have unlimited access to [Course Title]. To access the training:

  • Go to
  • At the far right, click on Client Login 
  • Choose the second (firm-purchased) login option
  • Sign in using:
    • Username: [email address]
    • Password: [provided by admin]
  • Click Select in the Training Center box
  • Click on the Category shown, then your course 

To access RainmakerVT via iPad, click here for “Accessing RainmakerVT via iPad” instructions to get the Photon browser that enables you to use Flash on your iPad. Access the training using the Photon browser instead of Safari or Chrome.  

This course is available to you for five days. Your access will expire at Midnight on ___________.  Because none of us learns something new in only one exposure, we encourage you to repeat the training as often as you can during your access period. On days 2 and 4 you'll receive a reminder to do so. 

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Message from the RainmakerVT founders: My name is Mike O’Horo, RainmakerVT’s co-founder and creator. Our COO, Trish Wilson, and I have one goal: To turn you into a stark raving fan of RainmakerVT, and we’re committed to doing everything possible to earn that.   We’re real people with whom you can actually speak if you wish (not some faceless corporation). I invite you to call or email Trish or me for any reason, including: 

  • Any difficulties accessing or using RainmakerVT, or confusion or lack of clarity
  • Stories of your success
  • Feedback about RainmakerVT training, or ideas for improving the RainmakerVT experience
  • Ideas for future training topics, e.g., challenges you face
  • Criticism or kudos