Possibly due to their extensive formal education, which emphasizes checking off courses to be completed within a curriculum, lawyers tend to try to complete all the courses and learn all the information presented, as fast as they possibly can. They relish the moment when they can check off the "rainmaking training" box and declare victory.

If that’s your goal, you’ll feel overwhelmed and get discouraged. RainmakerVT is skill development, not education. It's designed to give you individual building blocks on which you should focus — eliminating all other “moving parts.”

When you learn a process, first implement it, then repeat it, practicing until you can do it without thinking. That's what the real world requires of you, and that's where you'll apply these skills.  Each succeeding topic builds upon the previous. For example, when you learn how to create a marketing message that differentiates you from every other lawyer in the country, create one. Until you've got something good, don't worry about how to propagate it via blogs and other media outlets. Don’t try to learn how to efficiently communicate that message until you’ve actually created it.