Competitors target your clients for many reasons, among them:

  • Prestige brand that they'd like on their client list
  • Large legal spend
  • Perception that your firm or you is vulnerable
  • Lawyers who left your firm have relationships/contacts there

The best way to protect yourself is to make sure that you're as relevant as possible

Begin by learning How Your Door-Opener Problem Affects the Company You're Talking With. Your Door-Opener is the industry-specific business problem(s) that drive(s) demand for your legal service(s). To learn more about that concept, click Associating Yourself with Issues that Drive Demand for Your Expertise for an explanation. 

By learning how an industrywide problem affects your client's business, operations, finances, and the careers of your contacts, you assure that you're relevant to everyone there. By contrast, your competitors will be pitching their wares, which clients hate, as you'll discover when you watch the free video Why You Need to Market & Sell Differently: Buyers' Comments. In it, you'll hear legal service purchasers say why they hate being pitched, and why they favor the approach you'll learn in RainmakerVT.

All RainmakerVT courses are available from your firm's Marketing- or Business Development department.