Getting started is always the hardest part of any new endeavor, mainly because we don't know what we don't know. We're suggesting you begin with the "Door Opener": Associating Yourself with Issues That Drive Demand course because it's the foundation principle upon which everything else is built. 

Marketing is about demand. Demand for legal service is based on clients' desire to address the legal component of the business problem or opportunity they face. As you'll learn in this course, if you pick the right business problem to associate yourself with, marketing and selling become much easier because prospects help you instead of resist you.

Before doing anything, though, you should watch the free video "Why You Need to Market & Sell Differently: Buyers' Comments." In it, you'll hear from legal service purchasers why they hate being pitched, and why they favor what you'll learn in RainmakerVT.

All RainmakerVT courses are available from your firm's Marketing- or Business Development department.