The problem is "among thousands." You can't do anything about the number of lawyers in your practice specialty. However, you have complete control over whether or not you're differentiated in ways that buyers care about.

Door Opener": Associating Yourself with Issues That Drive Demand, teaches you how to be relevant by ceasing to identify yourself by legal service labels ("litigator," etc.) in favor of speaking prospects' language about topics that matter to them, so that you'll come to mind when they discuss the problem you've attached yourself to.

You should watch the free video "Why You Need to Market & Sell Differently: Buyers' Comments." In it, you'll hear from legal service purchasers why they hate legal-service pitches, and why they favor what you'll learn in RainmakerVT.

All RainmakerVT courses are available from your firm's Marketing- or Business Development department.

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