This because you've been sold the idea that, at networking events, you're supposed to meet as many people as possible. Nothing could be less productive. Instead, go there with a specific profile to apply, i.e., know exactly what you're looking for, and filter those you meet quickly. With a single question, you can determine whether or not to invest any time at all with them. Here's what to do to get the most out of the time you spend:

1: Shift your perspective

If you haven't already watched the free six-minute video, Why You Need to Market and Sell Differently: Buyers' Comments, please do. It will re-orient your thinking to better align with what buyers want. At about the 2:15 mark, you'll see and hear verbatim comments from legal service buyers, expressing their loathing for being pitched.

2: Define the Problem You're Looking For

RainmakerVT's Door-Opener: Associate Yourself with Business Problems that Drive Demand for Your Expertise teaches you how to identify the business problem that guarantees your success.

3: Hunt, Don't Network

Armed with your Door-Opener problem, apply the process in Networking Events: Progressing from the Doorway to a Sales Opportunity -- Comfortably. Once past the basic courtesies, in two minutes you'll qualify those you meet as "invest" or "graciously excuse yourself."

Why You Need to Market and Sell Differently is free. Simply click on the title to access it.


All RainmakerVT courses are available from your firm's Marketing- or Business Development department.