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To learn first-hand what lawyers thought of RainmakerVT's interactive business development training, we had 100 lawyers experience the same four courses over a two-week period. These lawyers had from five to fifteen years experience, and were in firms of every type and size. Afterward, we conducted in-depth interviews (:45-1:00) with each, during which we asked them everything would could think of. Here is a summary of their verbatim comments.

Because it's cloud-based, RainmakerVT is available whenever the lawyers are, so we asked them when they used the training. As you'll see, it was as varied as the lawyers' schedules and lives.

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Lawyers' Top-of-Mind Impressions

Before we got into the structured interview, we asked lawyers to comment on what was foremost in their minds. As you can see, they were enthusiastic.

"I was skeptical [of the networking simulation] since I’m outgoing, but it’s great. The video coaching isn't preachy, doesn't lecture."

"I like the plausible, realistic scenarios and dialog."

"I was skeptical about the value available from a website, but I liked it.  There's huge value in the networking event, e.g., setting a goal, who to approach, how to approach them."

"Very practical.  Seems like work of people who understand lawyers and marketing/sales."

"I like the explanations of why answers are right or wrong."

“I’m surprised I got so many answers wrong."

"Almost a video game."

"Well done. Overall look, controls are easy."

"Very useful, especially the ‘Getting Chosen’ simulations; they show what questions to ask to keep things moving forward."

"Very insightful. Great product; easy to use."

"The things that were most useful were also the most counter-intuitive."

"The things that were most useful were also the most counter-intuitive."

"Networking was always ‘torture’ for me; I now realize it’s a muscle you can develop."

"Content is very good; different spin I hadn’t considered (despite heavy marketing and sales reading @ former jobs)."

"Lots of 'Aha!' moments."

"I like how the whiteboards show the key points."

"Course length seems just about right."

"Before RainmakerVT, I tended to run on and on about my firm, my IP skills, experience, and degrees.  Now, I realize the buyer doesn’t care, just wants her problem to go away."

"It’s great; I’ve never seen anything like it.  Are you looking for investors?"

"Very engaging. I was able to really stay focused."

"True to real-life scenario. I learned why the right answer was right."

"The answer choices were intuitive, and representative of lawyers' actual behavior.  Good job not making correct answers obvious."

"I like that it uses our existing 'lawyering' skills vs. make us learn new ones."

"Really valuable; very well done, interesting."

"It really helps with your comfort level about things you don’t do often."

"RainmakerVT broke down into a process things we don’t see as a process. It makes managing steps much easier."

"Even an older idiot like me can do this."

"It shows how to cut right to the heart of it. Now, I'll do fewer time-consuming ball games, dinners; I'll create relevance first."

"I like the 24/7 access from any connection. This is very professionally done."

"The course on how to write articles was very thought-provoking."

"RainmakerVt will help many lawyers' relevance: talk business problem vs. law."

"Liked short vignettes followed by tests, reinforcement."

"Having many answers ‘close to right’ makes you think."

"The virtual coaching was helpful, kept me engaged."

"Non-traditional material; different perspective."

"The simulations are realistic, not theoretical."

"More useful than lectures; more interactive.  Kept me engaged."

"The topics are presented so usefully; they stuck with me the first time."

"I’m a 6th-year lawyer. I got a lot out of it; it wasn't over my head."

"I'm likely to use 'Practice Mode' to prep before networking events, especially if I'm not already comfortable with the attendees."

"Got me thinking of networking events in a different way."

"The short bursts really work for me; I can do 15-20 minutes here and there."

"The simulations are comprehensive."

"I learned something important: Be in control of the next step."

"Lawyers treat networking events as a mental break vs. ‘time to be on.'"

"I like the convenience; I can do it whenever I want."

"Professionally done.  Definite recognition of situations specific to lawyers."

"The ‘Planning’ module is extremely valuable."

"The presenters are very effective; they offer credible guidance."

"Interactive is unique. Conceptually, it’s cool."

"The substance is really good; it's great ‘how-to’"

"I enjoyed that it's interactive vs. sitting in a lecture.  Hands-on, sort of like a game.

"I liked the simulations; all my instincts were wrong on the networking questions."

"RainmakerVT's content is really relevant to my practice; it hit home, and caused me to be even more interested."

After capturing their top-of-mind impressions, we asked them to give RainmakerVT an overall rating on a 1-10 scale. 

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Here's why they rated RainmakerVT so highly.

"Good job of taking you through frequently-encountered real-life scenarios."

"Simulated conversations are excellent, especially in ‘Getting Chosen’"

"More interactive than other training; different choices and quizzes instead of usual talking heads."

"The video coaching about wrong choices. I found myself hoping to get it wrong so I could learn why it’s wrong."

"I learned to make it about the other person. Very engaging."

"Engaging, unique, convenient. Safe environment vs. classroom. Logical process."

"I'd choose RainmakerVT vs. a personal biz dev coach. It's more time-efficient than coaching; I can do on my own time."

"It's much more useful than I assumed it would be."

"The content is broad and deep, and in bite-sized pieces."

"This is easy to apply in the real world."

"You’ve really got something here; expectations are in sync with delivery."

"Convenient, e.g., while traveling.  Valuable; good guidance."

"I've suggested a few minor tweaks, but the content is fantastic, a ’10.’"

"It's great for smaller firms. Big firms probably move too slow to take advantage of this before their competition does."

"Great advice for what it targets - business owners, etc."

"It was a great experience. I may not agree with everything but even that made me think more about it."

"Better than 1:1 coach; no embarrassment about what you don’t know."

"Reassuring, safe environment."

"I’m a tough rater (6-7). The average in-person seminar gets a ‘5’; RainmakerVT content is much better, and easy to use."

"Content is well delivered, well moderated.  Better than other training methods I’ve experienced."

"Excellent product. Great for people with limited time."

"Anything you make into a step-by-step procedure makes lawyers’ lives simple. Bite-size chunks are a good idea."

We asked lawyers if they'd recommend RainmakerVT. We were pleased that virtually everyone said "yes," and we were surprised by a frequent caveat: "Yes, but not to my competitors."

"Yes -- but not to lawyers in my field. (laughed)"

"Yes, especially to young lawyers, who don’t think of marketing early enough."

"Yes, especially junior lawyers without business, or lawyers moving from BigLaw to SmallLaw, or hanging out a solo shingle."

"Within my firm, yes, but not to competition unless they're outside my market."

"No. I don’t want competitors to have it. I want their clients."

"Yes. Especially senior associates starting to shift from worker bees to bringing in business."

"Yes, especially to younger lawyers; the sooner the better."

"I would, but not to my competition."

"Yes -- but only within my firm; not to competition."

"Definitely. I'd like to see all my partners use it."

"I think it should be prerequisite before going to conferences, e.g., ‘before doing X, watch this lesson.’