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  • Door Opener: Associating Yourself with Issues That Drive Demand [Getting Found]

  • Networking Event [Getting Found]

If you didn’t, please take time to do so this weekend so you don’t fall behind.

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  • Transforming Social Contacts Into Business Contacts [Getting Found]

Most lawyers know -- and often have close personal relationships with -- a lot of people who are in a position to hire (or strongly recommend) them, but so far haven’t.

Is your contact list filled with well-placed people who never hire you? Do those include close social relationships? You're reluctant to risk these friendships by trying to get business from them. That’s a good instinct that you should continue to trust and honor.

It’s frustrating, but RainmakerVT teaches you how to replace your frustration with a reliable way to add a business component to personal relationships without endangering the friendship.

  • Uncovering a Business Issue that Will Open Doors for You [Getting Found]

Your Door-Opener (the business problem that triggers demand for your service) is industry-specific, i.e., it reliably describes a particular problem commonly faced by a particular type or subset of companies, usually within an industry. To be relevant to and help an individual company, you must learn how people within that company describe their version of the industry problem, and the degree to which this problem affects the company and the stakeholders with whom you're speaking.

You can’t do this from the outside; no amount of research will get you trustworthy intelligence. The only way to do so reliably is to learn it directly from those most likely affected. This simulation gives you experience in doing just that.

This course is an interactive simulation. You’ll learn by doing as you manage an avatar through a series of “say/do” decisions to progress, choosing from among five responses. For each response, you’ll receive immediate video coaching explaining why that choice was or wasn’t optimal.

Combined, these two simulations will teach you the fundamental “Door-Opener” concept and how to apply it at networking events. As your exposure unfolds, you’ll see how these basics will form a solid basis for everything you do.


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This week you’ll begin using the Practice Mode for simulations you've previously experienced. The idea is for you to spend 5-10 minutes reinforcing these new skills. Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

  • Networking Event [Getting Found]