Last week:

You should have completed:


  • Transforming Social Contacts Into Business Contacts [Getting Found]

  • Uncovering a Business Issue that Will Open Doors for You [Getting Found]


  • Networking Event [Getting Found]

If you didn’t, please take time to do so this weekend so you don’t fall behind.

Next week:


  • Successful Sales Calls- Simulation [Getting Chosen]

Based on your success applying the Door-Opener concept at the virtual networking event, you have a call or meeting scheduled with a business owner who has a problem that requires your expertise to solve.  In this simulation, you’ll learn how to conduct your interaction with the gate-keeper in a way that creates an ally, and how to manage the problem discussion in a way that creates a sustainable business conversation leading to a decision about the Door-Opener problem.


  • Networking Events [Getting Found]

  • Door Opener: Associating Yourself with Issues That Drive Demand [Getting Found]


This week you’ll begin using the Practice Mode for simulations you've previously experienced. The idea is for you to spend 5-10 minutes reinforcing these new skills. Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

  • Uncovering a Business Issue that Will Open Doors for You [Getting Chosen]