Last week:

You should have completed:


  • None


  • Transforming Social Contacts Into Business Contacts
  • Uncovering a Business Issue that Will Open Doors for You


  • Networking Events
  • Earning the Right to Advance: Next Steps Meeting

If you didn’t, please take time to do so this weekend so you don’t fall behind.

Next week:


  • Decision Process, Step 1: The Company-Specific Flavor of Your Door Opener [Getting Chosen[

Getting a decision is the most important goal you  can have, otherwise you’ll wear yourself out “following up” pointlessly. Your Door-Opener problem is industry-specific, i.e., it reliably describes a particular problem commonly faced by a particular type or subset of companies within an industry. To get business, though, you must learn the degree to which this problem affects the specific company and stakeholders with whom you're speaking. When someone stops talking about the problem in the context of "companies like ours," and begins talking about "our company," you've made the transition from Marketing to Sales. It's time to begin your sales investigation.


  • Earning the Right to Advance: Next Steps Meeting [Getting Chosen[[


This week you’ll begin using the Practice Mode for simulations you've previously experienced. The idea is for you to spend 5-10 minutes reinforcing these new skills. Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

  • Networking Events [Getting Found[