You will absolutely run into situations not specifically addressed by RainmakerVT's courses. No one can anticipate every possible marketing and sales situation. That’s why RainmakerVT’s curriculum is designed to help you assimilate a thought and action process that can be applied to most situations.

RainmakerVT teaches you the skill to do X. Applying Skill X to a specific situation and person is the role of human sales coaches. You can get coaching from your firm's Business Development department, or from us.

Contact us for help. Mike O'Horo has coached over 7000 lawyers to get an additional $1.5 billion in new business, so we can coach you through almost anything, but if it's beyond his domain he'll refer you to someone in the large network he's built up over the past 20 years.

We encourage you to call or email us with specific real-life circumstances that are still giving you trouble. Over time, we'll add new simulations and coaching, and your feedback will play a large role in determining which courses we develop first.